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This has been an odd time for me. Between now, and my previous article I've quit my job, moved back in with my parents, lost all emotion toward my girlfriend, and ended up back where I started 2 years ago. At least, that's where I feel I am. It almost seems funny to think that my life is so absolutley POINTLESS that nothing I do changes My Future (But more on My Future, next time...) I find it hard to believe that even I can not progress.

Does it mean I can't be taught? That's seems unlikely, because my entire infrastructure is based on learning for myself, by myself. Has the well of knowledge run dry?

I know I don't know EVERYTHING, but maybe, I know everything I will ever know. I don't really understand how that can be, though, because I find new things everyday.

You are probably thinking, "If he is finding new stuff everyday, then obviously he's gaining knowledge." And, yes, that should be correct, but it isn't. I think I know why, and i'm going to run it by you to see what you think. See, I think I'm forgetting things I once knew. I think I'm forgetting the things that I once learned, and having to re-experience it, in order to learn it again. Why this is happening, I'm not sure of?

I suppose I'm being very vague here, and I am not doing it for any reason other than to make you suppose that. But this entire paragraph is completely off topic. So I'll start a new one, and try and explain myself again.

Now, here I am sitting on my ass, writing another article for the masses(or the elite) to devour, and I KNOW that after you are done you are going to ask yourself, "What the Hell was that all about?" Yet I am still writing it. You can see how this proves my point. It seems I would have learned that no one understands me by now, but i continue right on explaining myself. I don't write these articles to tell you how the world SHOULD be, or to tell you how I think the world should be. I don't write this to entertain you with the stupid things that happen to me in the nether world we call LIFE. I write this based solely on the the purpose of, I like to write.

And even though it mostly comes out meaningless, confusing, vague, and downright boring, I still enjoy getting it out. Of course, over the last however months since my last article, I guess I lost the memory of this enjoyment, because as you can see it has been a long while since I've written anything.

Even on the Punk Rock Up Your Anus page i haven't written anything except the HTML code, and that's not quite as entertaining to myself. It does, however, have the greater reward of actually seeing something graphic come out of little tags that if spoken, in a restruant with your friends, would make no sense. But this has gone on long enough(my article is what i'm talking about obviously talking about html code in a restraunt hasn't gone on long enough because... well i don't know why but it hasn't), and I'm feeling less crowded. So thank you for getting this far, sorry it was pointless. Next time I have awesome controversial things that I'm sure you will enjoy....

Charlie Clueless

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