I am sitting at the fourth coast, a coffee shop i hang out at. There are many things going through my head, some of them constructive, some of them not. I have decided to try and put these thoughts into words. it is a lot harder than I thought it would. i haven't written for this column in a long time. well over a year i believe. if it wasn't for the fact that i am simon's roommate and friend i am sure he would have canned me a long time ago. thanks for being so patient sys - op. well where do i start? very little of my original columns bear any relevance on my life. in fact i am severely and cripplingly embarrassed b y most if not all of what i have written. oh well. the state of my life right now is very mixed up right now. i am dropped out of school, single, and unmotivated to do anything. the reason i am no longer a student is thanks to western Michigan University housing department, thanks guys. first semester of this year, i was living in the dorms. i do not know what made me think that overpaying for a small dilapidated prison cell, and being fed bad food would make me happy. but i did think that. or wished for it i guess. well to make a long story short, i moved out. along with simon. we moved into a very nice apartment in the student ghetto. little did we know that by moving out, we were eligible for western's 600 dollar fine for breaking their leasing contract. to avoid the fine i dropped out for a semester. it hasn't all been bad though. i have been working like a dog. stockpiling money to pay for next semester. that is why i am no longer a student. the thing that has been in mind more than that however, is the breaking up of me and my girlfriend. it has been a long time since i have cared this deeply about another person. i guess that is why it hurts so much. i have had a real hard time sorting out how i really feel about the whole situation. i guess i am hoping this will help me somehow. i think it is, a little bit. well my mind is wondering, so i am gonna change subjects. decepticon, what do you think of when you here that name? you should be thinking about the toughest moped gang this side of canada. the decepticons are basically a group of my friends, who all own mopeds, or scooters. when we get the chance we all cruise around together. it is lots of fun actually. unfortunately almost all of us are broke down right now. i am hoping that the warm weather will get things going though. if you want some more info, or want to start a branch of the dcons, send me an email. we have some cool promo stuff including, patches, stickers, and the occasional t-shirt. remember though, you must have a moped, or scooter. i hope that i write a little sooner next time. and i hope i have something more life altering to say. anyway.

Dan Webber

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