Well, i am on my way to Detroit fest right now. We have been puttering around in Kalamazoo for almost an hour. Going to the camera shop, Klein's bagels and the like. I am really looking forward to meeting some new kids, and hearing some awesome bands. We are going to stay in a hotel, with a Jacuzzi i am told.

We have a sign that says "fucking asshole" it was made to flash at cars that were acting stupid. So far we have been to chicken to do it though. Maybe because we are the only car that is acting stupid.

On a different note unrelated to this trip. i saw the movie GI Jane last night. I was actually very impressed with it. It is about the military and its trouble with fully integrating women into it. GI Jane is a woman that is chosen to be a test case in integration. She is selected to train in the navy seals program, the toughest military program in the world. She was set up to fail from the beginning, she fights seemingly insurmountable odds, and wins. Anyway this movie will make you want to shave your head and work out.

Back to the fest... i am sitting down finally. i need to take a break from everything. There are a lot of kids here. it is really hard to concentrate on the bands for me because i enjoy watching people almost as much. Oh, the hotel with the Jacuzzi. it is ghetto as hell. i don't know what i was expecting, but is kind of trashy.

Last night was so cold on the floor of the ghetto ass hotel. We all went to big boy this morning to..

I forgot to continue from this point on. Sorry.. I guess it was fun. Fests are fun.

Oh, there was no Jacuzzi.

Dan Webber

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