Happy Kwanukamas!

Well, as another year begins and one ends....it causes within me a need for closure...Sooo...i quit my job....I had been a B&noble annite for over 6 years and decided it was time to move on. Couldnt take the crazy customers anymore....here is a short story in my support:

Once upon a holiday shopping day.....Everything about my day was normal but, it was about to take a very intresting turn.  A very frantic woman walks up to a Bookseller and  is begging for papertowels. "IM going to need a Whole lot!" the bookseller than asks "why". Then the woman proceds to take the bookseller down a hallway adjacent to the elevator. Before the bookseller can even get around the corner they are hit by the most grewsome and fowl smelling smell that they have ever had the pleasure of smelling in thier entire bookselling career. Turns out the woman could not make it to the bathroom and decided to take a shit in the middle of the hallway floor, and to make matters even worse she decided that she should stash her poopy panties in our magazine recycle bin. I felt very sorry for the maintance workers that day!

The scary part of this story is that the bathrooms were in front of where she got off the elevator, she had to turn around and go down a hall. How could she miss the bathrooms??? This was also a normal looking woman with a son about 12, that continued to shop in the store for 3 hours after the incident occured and was cleaned up. The sad part is the manager said nothing...If that was my store they would been out of the store so fast thier head would have been spinning... So there...Point made.

It was shorty after this occurance that i realized B&N was no longer the place for me.

My other 2 reflections for the years end are Thus:

75% of people do not understand what Humor is and therefore are taking thier own lives much too seriously

And we as a people are competely surrounded by the stupid people are there are more to thier numbers than we realize.....


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