Ok.... so there I am in Austin at the University of Texas a budding young girl....Looking back I think to myself why didn't I do more things like this....My friend Sara was on the phone with her boyfriend (having an argument) and I was there in the other room visiting with my friend Donna (the reason I was in Austin to begin with) I had just got into town and well just looking for something to do and well little did I know something earth shattering was about to happen....Next thing Sara is running into the room red, frustrated, and screaming. "Who wants to drive to Philadelphia?" Next thing you know I'm in a Peugot with 3 other girls crazy enough to make a last second trip (me just a bit more crazier cause well, i had no clean underwear). As we trek through uncharted Texas terrain...we are all learning about shift driving. Rotating is the key one person to keep the other awake and well we had partners, very kindergarten. The dreaded moment came the time for me to take the wheel...Night driving team engage. Easier said than done. Me being the budding girl i was had no idea how to drive a stick shift. Night was upon us and well, so was the hand of death.

Tennessee State trooper here i come.. We didn't even get out of the gas station parking lot before i became the apple of his eye. We are pulled over and he asks "Texas huh?" Now being the four cute girls we were knew this was prime time to turn on the charm. Then he continued to ask a series of questions "Where are you going?" " Is there anything wrong with the vehicle (i cant drive stick)?" blah blah blah...well, as scary as he looked he said we were free to go. Yipeeeee! Who says looks cant get you anywhere! Well, tummies started to Growl and this is where my expertise talents finally came into need. I had no money and no underwear for that manner but, i was the key to the food...I was the scam girl...I was on my way to feeding four girls for one weekend on the best fast food America has to offer. The scam went as so.......I walked into my nearest Fast food joint. Mmmm McDonalds and explained that I had called earlier that week about the 2 big macs that were left out of my order and I was here to pick them up..."they took my name down in the book" and well Wa La Cheeseburgers for 2.. only two more to go. Go Arby's and I was in and out of there in a flash....Yipee food for days....Next i started training everyone was doing it. After many a grooling hour behind the wheel it was once again night and my turn. This was Virginia and we were on a back road, a shortcut that I thought would be refreshing....but, bad timing was on my side....Bingo Snow storm...No more than an hour later I had us driving in deep snow on a road with a little wooden fence beside us, but, there was no giving up here we were almost there..... Well, out of the storm and into the cruddyness we arrived in Philadelphia to spend 7 hours and then turn around and go back. Our accommodations was the Ivy League University so memorable that I donut even remember its name. It had crappy bathrooms and unidentifiable bugs on the floors. South street was a short taste of Greenwich Village and a Voodoo shop to boot. Then the sad truth hit us we Had to drive back all 28 hours of it. UGH!!

Things that i think are really Keen: Fuzzy Slippers, its that time of year. Jeff Magnum the best bassist. Dick Army Rip roaring Fun NYC Punk Rock. Vanilla Coke, and Refunds.

Things I'm angry about: Getting ripped off at the eye doctor, Missing this weeks episode of Buffy the vampire slayer. Dell computers. My iguana deciding that my dirty laundry pile is her new litter box. and Marky Ramones wigness.


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