my mind infested
my body molested
pollute my head
as i pass the time
tell me lies
poke out my eyes
bugs are eating me
now i weep
the trip is over
i slowly become sober
i join u
i'm no longer new
i'm now in the world of the used
laughter fades
anger stays

my deep thinking begins.

depression is my friend
logic takes over impulse
life's battle i've lost
it's my fault
but i don't want the blame
i hear voices
i'm going insane
i want to run away
no where to go so i'll stay
i locked the door and they have the key
no one wants me
i am a fiend
the high is what i need
to inhale
and be unable to feel
depression is what i gained

it's u i blame.

your sheltered life i hate
u understand nothing
of my past and fate
i want to scream
my life is agony
more than i can take
the condom broke?
i am a mistake
unwanted and all alone
with no place to call home
that is .....her.

Heckler 109

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