editors note by simon king

As I'm sure some of you noticed Punks G Hybrid has been pretty stagnant as of late. One might think that is the cause of the writers - that they got busy during the summer or they don't have email access except at school, or something like that. That's partially true, but basically it's my fault. I haven't felt much like doing it. For a while I even considered just taken it down and telling everyone to pack up their bags and head for the train station. But I've changed my mind, and it's back with a new design, a new feel, and hopefully a constantly updated status.

The last few months haven't been easy for me, actually they've been fucking hard on me, but I'm trying not to let that effect this project any longer. When life is up and down and up and down and down and down it's hard to be motivated to do anything like check your email, or code simple HTML or even open up Photoshop. You've all been a big help though, with contributions and ideas coming through still. Nate even went so far as give me a call to see if I was alive, which really made me kick myself in the ass to get this thing going again.

I redesigned most of the site, at least the main pages. But I've left all the old content and old design up, calling it version 1.0. The content from 1.0 is still in the new 2.0 - but I just left it where it was for informational reasons. Basically, if you want to see what it looked like before, check it out. The sections of PunksG have been rearranged a bit also. There are only 4 main sections now:

(1) Main - The index page with links to the old version of PunksG and this page, as well as the recommended viewing tools page.

(2) Words - This encompasses the columns, zine review, and DIY section. If you want to write anything, there will be a place to fit it in here. The new misc. section in the words area is where you can write something one time - no regular commitment. Some of the columnists are gone, due to personal conflicts, or lack of time. And 2.0 is starting out right away with a new writer, Ben Ohmart - who writes short fiction stories that I think you'll really like.

(3) Music - This section is pretty much the same, the look and layout are tweaked slightly, but that's about it. If you have a review to write, there is an online form to fill out and send to me - or you can email it to me in an email. For those that have special formatting needed, attaching a word processing file is fine too.

(4) Art - The most popular section on the site is still here - but a little slimmer. I've taken down my section, but it will be back up soon, which a decent interface this time - and some stuff I'm actually proud of this time. Ike is a new addition with some digital graphics. I'd really like to see this section expand, so if you have access to a scanner, get some of that work of yours digitized and I'll display it for you.

(5) New - As always, a log of the most current updates so you don't have to wade through yourself.

Those section lay out the site pretty good for now I think. I'd like to add some software reviews soon, but they will most likely just go under the Words section - which is basically a catchall for the bulk of communication on the site, and the section with the most hits of course.

According to my servers web logs 1000's of you have stopped by and visited in the past, I know it's been pretty dead for a while, but bookmark that New again, we're back in action.

I almost forgot, just to celebrate the new layout and new motivation to make this great, there is now a vanity domain for PunksG - check it out at http://punksg.phreakco.com - the old address still works too.

Simon King
Punks G Hybrid

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