As much as it would be the ideal, I can't design this page to be viewed perfectly by everyone, and still do with it what I want to do with it. I don't have anything very fancy on here yet - but it will be coming soon. As of right now, the requirements to view this page correctly are as listed below. If something doesn't look right, and you have the requirements listed below, let me know so I can change that.


Netscape Navigator 3.0 or higher - (download)
Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 or higher - (download)


No extra plug-ins required as of now, in the near future you will need:

Real Audio Player 3.0 or higher - (download)
Macromedia Shockwave for Director and Flash - (download)
Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 or higher - (download)

You should probably have those around anyway, so follow the links to get hooked up.


Helvetica - (download)

This is the font that I use all over the site. You should have a copy of it installed on your computer for things to look good. Download a copy if you don't. The zip file for download contains the TrueType and the Type1 versions - to use zip files, use WinZip (download), you should have a copy of that around too if you're on the net very much. I don't currently have the Mac font, I'm not sure if Mac users can use the Type1 or not - if you use a Mac, and know about that, please let me know.


For everything to look as nice as it did when I designed it, as far as graphics and layout you will need to be running 800x600 resolution, and have your color depth set to high color (65K colors). If you need any help with how to change these settings please just email me. If you are not capable of these settings then the site will still show up, it's just not going to look like I designed it to look.


Those of you that have Ethernet connections or ISDN lines to your house are so lucky. I'm jealous to the point of cursing you every night as I doze off to sleep. As you might of guessed, I'm flying on my 28.8. So for all you fellow 28.8 fiends out there, I hear ya. The site is designed with graphic size in mind. I use a minimal amount of large graphics, and try to use text to accomplish some design effects. The art section does take a while to load for some pieces, but I wanted to retain the works integrity so I didn't compress them very much. Every page should load in a minimal amount of time though, it's my goal. For those of you that still have 14.4's, well, that's just damn slow. Everything's going to load, but you should really just go get a new modem. Look for one at - or hold out for ADSL.

All in all, with the new redesign everything should look better for everyone. I've cut out a lot of graphics and minimized the words section especially. I want to start playing with Shockwave, especially Shockwave flash. I was getting into that when it was still future splash animator, but then I never went anywhere with it. Can't wait to try out some Acrobat stuff though too. Check this page every once in a while if something looks bad, the requirements might of changed. At least everything looks okay for all you IE users now.

Simon King
Punks G Hybrid

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