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The Catfish - s/t
The catfish are the best fucking punk still together band period. This ones a little old, but it's a classic. They have a newer one with some of the old songs redone out, but i don't like it as much. This is their first release, and i think it's out of print. Try to get it anyway. All their shit is really cheap and you won't regret it. They're drunk punks out of Detroit, MI, and they make fun of you. Don't feel bad, it's just the way they are. Fast, unintelligable, drunk punk. Four assholes with talent.
The Catfish 30520 Triangle, Gibralter, MI 48173
(this is an old address, sorry. still good, i think)
Thomas Anonymous

Operation: Cliff Clavin - Paradise Lost CD
another great release by these indiana anarchists. this album continues in the direction of the last one, though the music has evolved a little. Paradise Lost features songs about education, working, pop culture, skinheads, punk rock, veganism, and the way a lot of relationships have fucked up power and ownership issues. the album's thought provoking and emotional, but poppy. unlike some other political punks, operation: cliff clavin play catchy melodic punk and they approach the issues at an engaging and easily understood personaly level. instead of the abstract social critique and vocabularizing of propagandhi or bad religion, o:cc provide examples of what it feels like to personally confront difficult personal, political, and social issues. the best part is, this cd's only $5 mail order, and they have a lot of other stuff for cheap as well, all totally DIY.
po box 954 bloomington IN
Nate Holdren

Civ CIV - Set Your Goals
This is CIV. CIV's best record ever. A band with the singer from Gorilla Biscuits. A band which plays a melodic, varying, heavy and aggressive music, that most people call Hardcore.
XDaveX Click for a larger full review

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