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Rancid self titled 7"
Lookout Records
i don't give a fuck what anyone says, Rancid is an amzing fucking band who plays awesome punk rock. this seven inch is old, back when they were thrashier, a 3 piece, and Matt the bassist sang more. there's five songs on here, each of which is inspiring and empowering angry punk rock. if you like kinda street-style punk, get this seven inch. i think it's 3 bucks post paid from lookout.
Lookout Rec'ds POB 11374 berkeley CA 94701
Nate Holdren

the Registrator 'monkey' b/w 'stupid girl'
Rip Off Records 581 maple, San Bruno CA 94066

these sound a little like
TeenGenerate, but with a little thicker accents, a little faster, and a little less 50's rock influence. everything i said about teengenerate goes double for these guys, they're fast, bouncy, and the record sounds like it was recorded on a boombox in someone's garage, like punk records oughta be recorded.
Nate Holdren

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