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Boy Kicks Girl - ...or something like that
Icky Girl Productions - P.O. Box 18914 san jose, ca 95158
A punk rock band that I find to be refreshing. With a reoccuring theme of "We hate ex-girlfriends" this band has added a touch of humor to punk rock, not always seen to much these days. The songs vary from skate rock to ska to punk rock which helps keep the cd from getting stale. Definitely a great cd to check out from these unknowns from San Jose, CA. Brett Holt

Bim Skala Bim - Universal
BIB Records
For well over a decade, Bim Skala Bim has helped to define, maintain, and nurture the American ska scene. Bim has just released their seventh album entitled "Universal" on their own label, BIB Records. It is already being called their best work to date. In fact the Boston Globe called it the album that finally captures their live sound and energy. The sound is "rougher and sweatier...more guitar driven." Pick hits from the album: "Pete Needs a Friend," a fast paced skanker with muscular trombone lines and insightful lyrics about the single-mindedness of a particular portion of the male anatomy. Also, a great cover of "Shakin' All Over" originally done by Johnny Kidd & the Pirates, but popularized by The Who. This is a must for ska collectors and music lovers of all tastes and hair styles! Augie

Boris the Spinkler Interview This is an interview by Nate Holdren with boris the sprinkler that he did at a show he went to. Very interesting question and answer period - check this one out. click for larger review

Bouncing Souls-Manical Laughter
I just got introduced to thse guys music and can see what all the talk is about. They are very tight punk from Asbury Park, NJ. The energy just flows out of this Cd, which is pretty solid all the way through. One track that really stand out is "The Freaks, Nerds, and Romantics". After you listen to this song over and over again you'll know that this one is destended to be a classic. In "The Freaks..." they sing about playing shows even though they are enen not that many people at them. That and playing music because you love it, is what punk is all about. "Born to Lose" is an off-beat Johnny Cash cover that will reamin in your head for days. Then "Moon over Asbury" breaks up the punk wiht a surf instrumental. The band caps this CD odd with "The Ballad of Johnny X" another great punks song. 12 great songs checking in at only 24 minutes. Rush down to the record store and get this one.
Dave Shearer

Best Albums of 1996
The best albums of 1996, according to Elena. This one was sorta expansive, and I wanted to have a section for people to add their own lists, so the whole review isn't here.

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