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Man Afraid Man Afraid - Uphill Struggle 7"
Half-Mast Records
PO Box 14118, Minneapolis, MN 55414
Melodic hardcore is really the only way to describe Minneapolis's Man Afraid. Their first 7", Uphill Struggle", is a nice example of this. Their lyrics are chock full of personal and political wordings that made me stop and think more than anything else I've been listening to lately. Direct, forceful lyrics have made this little single a home in the front of my 7" collection.
Simon King Click for a full review

Man Afraid Mad Butchers - Rock Unsteady 7"
Beat Hotel 3185 W. 12 Mile Rd.
Berkley, MI 18072

The debut release from the Kalamazoo band The Mad Butchers is out now. This is a great ska band with a party band and sort of feel. You should really check them out live too if you can. Simon King Click for a full review

The Muffs - s/t CD
Warner Bros.
Now on their self titled disc, this band gives it everything. The 1st track is "Lucky Guy", whic is a great screemer. Next up is "Saying Goodbye" which will get your feet taking and your mouth singing the lyric's. I can't say enough great things about this band. This band cheers you up in no time if you are sad and gives you a natural high from just a listen. Every song on here is keeper even "Baby Go Round" which kind of sounds like a Tiffany song (You all remember her from the 80's, you know the red head). I advise you to pick up this CD if you like buble gum female vocals punk pop. Check it out!!
Dave Shearer

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