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The Skidmarks - "Greatest Hits"
Hirshey Squirt Records

This band is a three-piece out of San Jose, and unlike 90% of the bands I have seen in San Jose, these guys don't suck. Far from it. Their music is punk rock, and has elements of metal and older style rock and roll. The drummer and bassist are brothers, and have grown up jamming with each other, so this band is extremely tight. Trust me, I've seen them live. They play the songs a hair slower on this tape, but as of late they've not been playing too often, this may be the only way you can hear these songs. Songs about beer, overly onoxious cops, pathetic losers, burning down schools, and being spoiled rotten. This is some great shit. No ska rears it's ugly head here either. As far as comparisons go, they don't really sound like any other bands, but fans of the Angry Samoans, the Circle Jerks, and late-period Black Flag (mostly for the rhythm section, but Phil does in fact kick out some Ginn-esque solos here and there). Well, I don't think all this yappin' is going to come close to describing it. You're just going to have to call Gary up and ask him what you can do to get a tape or see this band play live. It'll be better than that new NOFX or Pennywise CD, trust me. For booking or info call Gary at (408) 226-3929 or write to 6102 Valley Glen Dr. San Jose, Ca. 95123.
The Lazy Slob

Squatweiler - "New Motherstamper"
four fingers records


New Motherstamper opens with "Visionary" and has Squatweiler declaring that they "have a Ph.D. of Asskickinology." Although this is possibly the most knuckleheaded lyric ever uttered, it quickly becomes apparent that its validity is irrefutable. With blistering guitars tempered by irressistible harmonizing, and an abundance of hooky devices, Squatweiler deftly deliver punk rock's visceral attack in a shiny power-pop package. Yeah, it's been done to death, but resist if you can the tension-build strumming culminating in a shouted "Go!" and full-band freak-out in "Made Naked." Or the quick tempo changes in "Fresh Cut Dynamite", which is as explosive as the song title implies and features lead wailer Stacey Matarrese alternately singing you a lullaby and shredding your inner ear. The pseudo-instrumental "Bachelorette" incorporates a guitar riff that gallops along like a horse with speed in his feed, and "Colorado" will find you bobbing your head in Beavis-like fashion and offering an enthusiastic "Yeesss!" One complaint: When the dust settles, New Motherstamper clocks in at a paltry 31 minutes. Brevity aside, though, believe that if you provide the ass, Squatweiler will administer to it a sound kicking. - Matt Ryan Check out the Squatweiler homepage

Squitgun - Mary Ann Squirtgun - Mary Ann 7"
Lookout Records
Mary Ann is the newest 7' put out by Indiana Punk ROck band: Squirtgun. If you've have heard Squirtgun, then this album will sound familiar. No new tricks, No new sounds. Just PoP-PunK at one of it's greatest highs. Mary Ann is a 4 song explosion of power chords and jumpy basslines. With the addition of Matt Leonard on Rhythm Guitar the record has a little fuller sound.
Charlie Clueless Click for a full reviewClick for full review with sounds

Suicide Machines Suicide Machines - Destruction by Definition
Hollywood Records
Itís on Hollywood and you know what?, I donít even care. Everyone said that they were such sellouts for going to the major. But the music is still good, and from what Iíve heard them say, they just get treated better all around. They deserve to get the recognition and production that they deserve. Simon King Click for a full review

the Scofflaws 'selections from an upcoming cd' - 7"
i don't know what label this is on, i'm gonna guess MoonSka... this seven inch has two rad instrumental ska tunes, and the very danceable number 'spider on my bed,' and i believe it's a slightly different version than on their album. the Scofflaws play bouncy traditional ska, and have an amazing horn section, i'd recommend trying to track this down if you like ska even a little bit. Nate Holdren

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