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Disciple 7"
Sa Mob

Disciple plays awesome new school metallish hardcore. they rock for jesus with double bass!!!! if you are interested in christian sxe check this out. better than strongarm or overcome, you bet! interested?? e-mail me or wow man this is so good...
Tom Vandebeek

Daredevils 'hate you' 7"
this is Brett Gurewitz, ex-guitarist from Bad Religion and president of Epitaph records, new band. i'm a big Bad Religion fan, so i was really excited when this came out... unfortunately it was not what i expected. Gurewitz is nowhere near the lyricist or singer Greg Graffin is, and the music doesn't have the energy of B.R. all comparisons aside, though, this is a decent record, somewhat mellow melodic punk that reminds my pal Jim of certain songs by pop singer Matthew Sweet, but not in a bad way. Nate Holdren

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