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The Eyesores - Triple XXXmas (cassette LP)
Eunich Records

This tape is the culmination of the better part of a year's effort to forge a tight band identity on the part of Weird Al Brown, Metalhed, and Steve Stab to forge a tight, hard, heavy band attack in the wake of the previously disbanded lineup of the
Eyesores. They succeed; this rocks mightily. The Eyesores are known for being one of the only punk rock bands that bothers to ROCK, and the lineup that Metal Hed got together in ealy '96 is no exception. Raw, fast, almost metallic, and in many cases, bluesy (due to Stab's unique axework- he was not a punk rocker before joining the band - this hard, violent musical attack, coupled with Metal Hed's goofy, silly, and genuinely funny lyrics,(Oh Pissing Tree, Hefty for the Holidays, The Uninamer, At least I didn't Spit on You, Snooze god) combine to form a band-voice that absolutely cannot be equalled (except by the I. P.). A must have. This band is based out of San Jose, and unfortunately, Stab has left the band, but Al's excellent drumming and Metal Hed's "rhythm guitar" bass still form a rhythm section not equalled by any (except, well, you know). Former Eyesore and current drummer for the Idiot Parade (see record review) Dog has been contributing a more trebly, chainsaw guitar sound to the band lately, but who knows which guitar player will be lucky enough to jam with these freaks. They have two records out, and more on the way. Email for info and gigs, or call Dogface at (310) 580-4385. Elvis the Dogcatcher

88 Finger Louie 'Wanted' 7"
Fat Wreck Chords POB 460144 San Francisco, CA 94146

three songs of melodic hardcore punk, and a GREAT cover of the Beatles' "help." 88 plays inspiring music that always gives me a boost when i feel down. the song 'blink' is one of the best written love songs i've ever heard, the lyrics are good, and it sounds very heartfelt (it's about how the singer met his wife.) aggressive without sounding metally, and melodic without wasting time, 88 Fingers Louie kick ass in a big way.
Nate Holdren

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